Profile for Peter Geer

Me holding my son while I work

I am a professional software developer living in the Rochester, New York area. I've been in web development for the better part of the last decade and currently specialize in builing LAMP-based systems with rich web UI's using HTML5. I am currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer for Datto, where I worked on the Datto Drive file sync and share product and am currently working on the Siris backup appliance line.

Before moving to Datto, I was a Software Development Engineer at Pictometry, a leading provider of aerial imagery, where I work on web-based tools integrating that imagery with GIS data in a variety of interesting ways.  Before that, I spent almost three years as a Web Applications Developer for, a top-100 community site for artists. I spent much of my time at dA working on, their next-generation publishing and submission platform, but also had my hand in a variety of other project. Prior to that I was with an online advertising start-up doing LAPP and Flex work and an infamous entertainment site doing more LAMP work. I started my career with six years in the Windows world doing internal IT for a local government.

In addition to my professional work, I also have several open-source hobby projects of my own and have contributed to a few other projects. In 2011, I completed my Master's degree in Computer Science, writing my thesis on the application of formal modeling methods to dynamic web apps.

My areas of technical interest include software engineering methodologies, testing and quality assurance, and system modeling, to name a few. When I'm not writing or thinking about software, I enjoy reading, gardening, taekwondo, playing the piano, and, of course, spending time with my wife and son.