Welcome to the personal website of Peter Geer. I'm a professional software developer living in the Rochester, NY area. I've done a little bit of a whole lot of things, but these days I focus on web development using the LAMP stack and rich UIs based on JavaScript and HTML5. I am currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer for Datto.

I started this site in 2005 as a home for my various peronal projects. It's been slowly accreting content since then in the form of open-source software, blog entries, and so forth. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: this should go without saying, but the views represented on this site are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employer, my family, my cats, or anybody else.

Site Index

About Me
The requisite link to my bio, including my contact information.

My Blog – LinLog
My personal weblog, devoted to Linux, software development, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

My Projects
The bug tracker for my current personal projects.

Mercurial Repository
My personal Mercurial repository. This holds most of the code that I deem important enough to care about, including the source for the above projects.

My Master's thesis in Computer Science, on the topic of applying formal modeling methods to non-critical information systems.

A weblog package that is written in PHP and stores data in flat files. Supports themes, plugins, and works in safe mode.

The Joy of ROX
An older site of software and articles devoted to the ROX Desktop.